Kelsey Bones

UX Designer and Tea Enthusiast.


The work I carried out for Madlug while on my placement at Fathom was a conversion rate optimisation project. The aim of the project was to help Madlug increase conversion of customers on their online e-commerce baggage shop.


My final major project idea for my BDes in Interaction Design, in this project I've covered; UX research and testing, design, development, branding and marketing.

My mother was an artist.

My father was a physicist.

I guess when you put those two things together you get a user experience designer.

I have a love for all things design and in a perfect world I'd be able to work in all of them. Unfortunately I can’t clone myself and thus I had to choose just one area, so I choose web design, With a bit of graphic design and illustration thrown in for good measure..

If you’re looking for someone with a passion for creating designs that have great usability but also look amazing, then I'm who you're looking for.


Junior UX Designer | Fathom | July 2016 - NOW

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